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Partner with Esperanza for Sons and Daughters!

Support Vulnerable Children in Tijuana by Providing Spiritual Discipleship and Physical Support

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Help Make a Difference in the Lives of Children in Tijuana!

Every day, millions of children in Tijuana face countless challenges of lack of food, necessities, quality education, reliable shelter, stable family situations, and economic and social support. Due to the deficit of resources, help, and stability, it is difficult for these children to be able to develop and grow into emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy adults.

After growing up in such situations ourselves and experiencing the impact that love and additional support create, we were convicted to serve the children in local underserved communities and orphanages. We began to pray for an opportunity to create a safe environment for children to receive consistent support and discipleship.

In 2022, God answered these prayers when we partnered with Renewal Missions to start Esperanza for Sons and Daughters, a discipleship center, to serve the underserved children in the local community and nearby orphanages. Esperanza currently serves the community from Tuesday to Friday. Our wonderful staff and volunteers provide holistic care through daily discipleship alongside physical and academic support, such as extracurricular classes and activities, food, and other necessities.

Churches throughout Southern California and all throughout the US have partnered with us in hopes of contributing towards consistent needs through collaborative efforts and building long-lasting relationships with these children, their families, and the community. The children at Esperanza have come to know that God is not just the God of Mexico, but that a Global Church is surrounding them. Since opening, we’ve had the joy and privilege of serving more than 70 kids and their families regularly.

What are our hopes for Esperanza?

Our goal is to provide a safe place for children in Tijuana to receive holistic care to learn and grow as they develop into the people God has created them to be. Our faithful staff and volunteers work together to keep Christ at the center of the ministry so that the children may grow up to know God and embrace the unique gifts and skills each child has been given for God’s Kingdom.

What do we provide?

  • Biblical discipleship with our faithful family of staff and volunteers
  • For youth and teenagers: academic classes and tutoring in Spanish language, math, history, science, etc
  • For toddlers and young children: crafts/activities, phonics, alphabet and numbers learning, etc
  • Extracurricular classes in boxing, music, English, etc.
  • Vocational classes for adults and youth in graphic design, cosmetology, etc.
  • Daily Meals: Lunch and breakfast, as well as occasional food pantry ministry for the families within the local community.
  • Consistent and stable love and care through economic poverty and unstable family transitions

Financial Needs
Esperanza has many different financial needs from keeping the fridge fully stocked to finding loving and capable staff to teach classes and care for the children daily. We need a lot of financial support if we want to continue running Esperanza from Tuesday-Friday, 10 am- 4 pm. From electricity bills and rent to food costs and staff salaries, we know that every aspect is important to provide holistic care for the children to learn and grow in their lives.

The total monthly cost of running Esperanza is: $10,400
This includes all of our staff salaries, facilities mortgage and maintenance, utilities, food, and cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, and any minor renovations that might be needed to upkeep a safe and warm environment for the kids.

Sponsor a child for a month or a year!
If you’d like to support Esperanza, we offer a variety of Sponsorship options.

1. Food and Water
Every child needs necessities, but most families we support do not have the financial means to provide nutritious meals for their children. The children depend on the meals provided by Esperanza throughout the week.
  • Provide food for one child for a month: $50
  • Provide food for one child for an entire year: $600

2. Academic Classes
Quality education is expensive and not easily accessible for the kids, and their public education is not sufficient to properly prepare these children for adulthood and desirable job opportunities. We provide academic classes and tutoring to supplement children’s academic learning. Each class requires a staff member to teach and materials to run the class.

  • Provide academic classes/tutoring for one child for a month: $100
  • Provide academic classes/tutoring for one child for an entire year: $1,200
3. Extracurricular Classes
Children in Tijuana rarely have access to extracurricular classes or activities to explore their gifts and passions outside of academics and home life. From music and boxing to English and graphic design, Esperanza provides a variety of extracurricular classes that allow our kids to explore their God-given skills and talents and be encouraged to use them for His Kingdom. Each class requires a staff member to teach and materials to run the class.
  • Provide extracurricular enrichment for one child for a month: $25
  • Provide extracurricular enrichment for one child for an entire year: $300

4. Administration and Facilities Management
From paying the mortgage and utilities to needing office and cleaning supplies to minor repairs and renovations, it takes a lot to run our facilities outside of providing food, academic learning, and extracurricular activities. Our staff members who work on administration, cleaning, and facility repair are always working around the clock to provide a safe and warm environment for our kids. It costs roughly $5,100 each month for our administration and facilities.

We know that this project is a big undertaking, but we have seen the fruit of being able to nurture and support these children through domestic family affairs and economic difficulties. God commands us to love and care for the orphans and the widows. We believe that if we are faithful to following Jesus’ leading He will provide what we need to sustain and grow this ministry throughout Tijuana.

We invite you to partner with us in prayer and through giving to see God’s Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Pastor Rolando and Rubi Coronado

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FAQ Section
1. Is Esperanza an orphanage?
No, Esperanza is not an orphanage, and children do not live at the facilities. Esperanza is a community center that is open Tuesday to Friday from 10AM to 4 PM each week. Resources and classes are only available during open hours.

2. How many paid staff are at Esperanza?
We have two full-time staff, our directors, Pastor Rolando and Rubi, seven part-time staff, and many volunteers who make all this possible!

For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email We thank you for your prayers and support!


Renewal Missions is a ministry partner of Pastor Rolando, Rubi, and Esperanza, and is a registered 501-C3 non-profit organization in the United States. All your contributions are tax-deductible and tax receipts will be sent out by the end of January of each year. While we will do our absolute best to honor your wishes for the selected designation, your contribution is made with the understanding that Renewal Missions has complete control over the use of the donated funds. We thank you for trusting us with your donation and sincerely appreciate your partnership and support.